Mispronounced names during the introductions: Our DJ will go over the names with you in the planning meeting and spell them phonetically if necessary so he can pronounce them properly. He will also review the names with the entire bridal party just prior to the introductions.

Announcements that are difficult to hear or understand: Our DJs have experience speaking in front of crowds. They know that in order to convey an effective message they must first get the attention of the guests and then deliver the announcement with a clear, confident speaking voice.

Poor sound quality or no sound at all: We use only top grade professional sound equipment and continually upgrade as necessary. We keep all equipment well maintained to reduce the possibility of malfunction. All of our DJs carry a complete backup system so they can still perform in the rare event of equipment failure.

Constantly empty dance floor: Our DJs recognize when the music they are playing is working and when it is not. They know the right time to change the music and what to change it to. They also know enough to return to a previously successful music style later in the reception. They will not be all over the music map like some inexperienced DJs who might play Garth Brooks, AC/DC and 50 Cent in succession.

Valuable time being wasted:  Some DJs are caught off guard and start fumbling with papers and CDs when they should be making something happen, causing inevitable delays in the formalities of your reception. We make our final preparations in the week leading up to your wedding so we can show up fully prepared. Going over the sequence of events and getting the music ready in advance allows us to know exactly what should be happening and who needs to be involved at any point during the reception.

Missed photo opportunities: Our DJs work with the photographer and give them advance notice so they are not caught off guard when those special moments occur. This allows them to position their equipment properly and make sure their cameras are loaded and ready to capture those special moments on film.

Lack of musical variety: We receive regular shipments of CDs so we have new music from all genres as it becomes available. We are also constantly adding a wide range of Greatest Hits CDs as well as music from around the world in order to satisfy a variety of musical preferences.

DJ unprepared to start: Our DJs won’t be wearing street clothes or setting up equipment when your guests arrive. Our company policy requires our DJs to leave early enough to allow for traffic and other possible delays, arrive 1 to 2 hours before your reception begins, be dressed in tuxedo and have music playing 10-15 minutes before the contracted start time.

Hearing the bride and groom being referred to as "the bride and groom" for the entire reception: You have names and they should be used. We believe it is important for the DJ to get to know the bride and groom for several reasons, including this one. When you see the face of someone you know, their name automatically comes to mind. That's the way it should be when your DJ is talking to or about you.